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Member Directory

ATIA’s Directory provides a list of certified and associate translators, interpreters and terminologists. Find the right professional for your language needs. All of our members are listed here.

Certified Translators and Interpreters

Certified Translators and Interpreters of ATIA start as Associate members; then they pass the examinations, or a portfolio review, to become certified. Some Certified members obtained their title through another provincial association in Canada.

Associate Translators and Interpreters

Associate translators and interpreters have passed ATIA's Code of Ethics exam and all other requirements to be admitted as associate members. They are accumulating experience in order to write the certification examination or submit a portfolio for review. 

Not sure about the difference between a translator and an interpreter? Check our FAQ section to find out.

Need the services of a professional translator or interpreter? Search for our members in the language combination you need, through the menu at the left. If you require a Tigrinya community interpreter please contact ATIA at 780-434-8384 (the language combination is not on our directory).

Our members offer quality services in a variety of specialty areas, employing nearly thirty different languages. Need more information? Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We would be very happy to answer your questions!

Finding a Professional

Find a professional by using the search feature on this page. If you cannot find a certified translator or interpreter from Alberta for the language combination you require, you may also try the links to other provincial associations.

Why hire a certified member of ATIA?

Certified translators have passed a national certification process. In Alberta, this means that they have first passed ATIA’s associate-level admission examinations and then successfully completed the certification examination, set by the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC), or they have submitted a large body of their work for review by an evaluation committee. Alternatively, they have “transferred in” from another provincial association as a Certified Translator.  

Professional interpreters have specialized training and experience in specific areas. Certification processes take both into account. Consequently, clients who want the best value and service should look for:

  • court interpreters who are certified
  • medical interpreters who are certified
  • community interpreters who are members of ATIA
  • conference interpreters affiliated with the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)

Publications by the American Translators Association are very informative:

Certified and Associate translators and interpreters are bound by ATIA’s Code of Ethics to deliver faithful translations and interpretations while maintaining client confidentiality at all times.