ATIA Tutorial:

Preparation Tutorial for the Associate-level Translation Examination 

The ATIA associate-level examination preparation tutorial is offered to anyone planning to attempt the associate-level translation examination set by ATIA or another provincial association.  Those wanting to register for the certification examination should consider a specific course for the certification examination.

  • Practical text work with a certified translator
  • Tutees receive feedback on 3 different texts
  • Tutorial can be started any time during the year
  • Tutorials last between 6 and 8 weeks

Register by contacting
Cost: $180

Language Proficiency Tutor:

Preparation Tutoring for the Language Proficiency examination 

ATIA offer one-on-one tutoring sessions to help language proficiency examination candidates prepare. You may choose a Tutor from the list provided below.

Register by email along with your tutor preference to
Cost: $60/hour



Majid Nikouee
My name is Majid.  I am a PhD student of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) at the University of Alberta, and my doctoral research is focused on teaching grammar to learners of English as a second language.
I have been teaching ESL courses inside and outside Canada for over 10 years. Currently, I am a writing tutor at the Writing Centre at the University of Alberta, helping undergraduate and graduate students revise and edit their essays and papers.
Barbara Edmonson
Barbara Edmondson is an English for Academic Purposes instructor at a local university. With a Master’s in Teaching English as a Second Language, she has been teaching for almost 20 years.  Barbara was a professor in South Korea for 7 years.  She also has experience teaching and traveling throughout Asia and Europe.  Barbara has an interest in helping students develop their grammar skills, to deliver messages more accurately.  Barbara also has experience developing curriculum for a variety of courses. Barbara has a keen sense of students’ needs.
She is able to tailor lessons to best help individuals meet their goals.  With her excellent communication skills, Barbara is able to help students improve their English language skills and confidence using the language.
Roula Salam
Roula Salam, PhD, CTr, is a certified Arabic-English translator. She teaches English at the University of Alberta and has been teaching language and literature in Canada and overseas for almost 25 years.  Roula has experience in curriculum development at the U of A and abroad, and she also has extensive experience in editing and proofreading.
Alongside her teaching job at U of A, Roula teaches webinars and workshops for translators and writers across Alberta.
Luisa Alexander Izzo
Luisa Alexander Izzo. B.A., M.A., M.Mus. I have been a certified member of ATIA (Italian and Spanish to English) since 1989. I taught Italian part-time at the University of Calgary and was the Italian language coach for Calgary Opera for about 10 years.
I taught English as a Second Language for more than 30 years, first in Massachusetts and later at Mount Royal College and the University of Calgary.
As a writing consultant with Wordsmith Associates, I conducted workshops for business, government, and healthcare employees for about 10 years, and I taught business and report writing to adults, both in the classroom and online, for Continuing Education’s Certificate Program at the University of Calgary. Thus, I have extensive experience in identifying the common errors that even native speakers make in writing English and helping people to correct them.
I am also an editor. I spent 24 years copy-editing the journal Arctic, a multidisciplinary quarterly published by the Arctic Institute of North America, and I have also edited 18 books on topics related to the Arctic, art, and music.
Rozanne Hepworth
Rozanne Hepworth is an English for Academic Purposes instructor at a local university.  With a Master’s Degree in Education (focus on the Adult Learner) and 20+ years of Second Language Teaching, she is highly trained in both the needs of the learner and the complexity of the ESL curriculum.
Ways in which Rozanne helps her students succeed include: personal attention, constructive feedback, detailed expectations, applicable assignments/examples, and above all compassion for the learner. Rozanne’s compassion is the result of her years of living abroad learning how to communicate in a foreign language.

Translation and Interpretation Programs in Canada:

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