Loretta Murphy

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North York
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Loretta Murphy Translations
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Spanish English Translator Certified
Portuguese English Translator Certified
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Certified Translator ES-EN, PT-EN
Loretta Murphy has been working in the Languages Industry internationally for three decades, applying her qualifications and proven track record towards a commitment to excellence in her field. Loretta specializes in the translation of official immigration documents (Marriage, Birth, Divorce, Police Clearance Certificates, etc.); diplomas and transcripts; medical records; tax documents; legal contracts and many other types of documents. She also enjoys translating business and legal contracts. Her education includes a Bachelors Degree in Arts (Spanish Language and Literature) from Wilfrid Laurier University (B.A.); a Masters Degree in Translation Studies from York University (M.A., C. Tran.). She has also taught English as a Second Language in Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Canada. She serves as a mentor with ATIA for aspiring translators. She has also travelled extensively throughout Asia, Australia and South America. Falamos português! Hablamos Español!