About ATIA

The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (ATIA) is the only association of certified translators and interpreters in the province of Alberta. Founded in 1979, ATIA certifies translators and interpreters by facilitating national examinations as a provincial member of the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC). The Association is also affiliated with the International Federation of Translators (FIT).

Members of ATIA are represented and served by an Executive Council, which is elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The ATIA mission is to elevate the professions of interpreting and translating in the province of Alberta by applying high standards of national certification; protecting clients, professionals, and the general public through the implementation of our Code of Ethics; providing unique opportunities to members for professional development and community service, and ensuring that the language service needs of Albertans are met with the exceptional standards and unparalleled experience of our qualified language professionals.

Community Services: ATIA would like to give back to the community.  As part of its community service initiative, and in order to involve its members in community support, which is rewarding at both personal and professional levels, at ATIA’s expense, our members will provide their translation or interpretation services to community members who do not have the financial means or support to access important language services that may be critical for them to maintain their status in Canada, find work, deal with legal issues, find housing, employment, or schooling, and other areas where a translator or interpreter is needed.  ATIA will devote a limited budget for limited times over the course of the year to cover those services.  For each interval, one not-for-profit organization will be selected, and the organization will be given the names of the members participating in the initiative.  To learn more about when those services will be provided and how you can access them as a client, please contact ATIA at: bursary_communitysvc@atia.ab.ca

Grants & Bursaries: ATIA is offering the Heidi Seeholzer Memorial Grant for the amount of $250.00 CAD, in support of certified members or interpreters to assist them in making meaningful contributions to our field. This grant will be provided to 2 recipients per year. ATIA is also offering  the Sandra Bertoni Grant for the amount of $250.00 CAD in support of Indigenous language members and initiatives. This grant will be provided to 2 recipients per year.

In terms of bursaries/subsidies, ATIA is offering a general bursary to help its members cover some of the costs of things like membership, exam fees, education or training, and other similar costs.  Subsidies may also be granted to members of language-of-lesser-diffusion or smaller communities who may not have the financial means to undergo training and become a member but wish to do so. The ATIA Bursary will be provided on an “as needed” basis. The amount for this bursary is up to $200.00 CAD per application. 


Sandra Bertoni Memorial Grant for Indigenous Languages

Our late treasurer Sandra Bertoni was an avid advocate for Indigenous languages and culture. In her memory, we are awarding this grant to Indigenous translators/interpreters who are making a difference in their communities and keeping their cultures and languages strong.

Sandra Bertoni Memorial Grant Application Form


Heidi Seeholzer Memorial Grant

In 1976, Heidi Seeholzer was recruited from Germany by the provincial government of Alberta to spearhead the creation of the Translation Bureau of Alberta; it was from this initiative that ATIA came into existence in 1979.

Ms. Seeholzer remained an active member of the community and a resident of Edmonton until her passing in 2020; in her memory we offer this bursary to a certified translator or interpreter to assist them in making meaningful contributions to our field.

Heidi Seeholzer Memorial Grant Application Form



ATIA Bursary/Subsidy

The purpose of the ATIA bursary/subsidy is to support an associate or certified member of the association in their educational or professional endeavors related to the fields of translation/interpretation; examples of these might include partial coverage of exam fees, or some of the costs associated with attending a relevant conference.

ATIA Bursary/Subsidy Application Form