Babett Valachi

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Source Language Target Language Membership Category Membership Tier
English Hungarian Translator Associate
Hungarian English Community Interpreter Associate
English Hungarian Community Interpreter Associate
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Associate Translator EN-HU
Associate Community Interpreter HU-EN-HU

I was brought up in Budapest, Hungary and I lived the biggest part of my life there. I was always interested in foreign languages. As a teenager, I bought an Esperanto book and learned Esperanto, then Italian and in the high school I chose German and Russian languages. I became a high school teacher but later I fell in love with the English language and I went to a language school to learn it. When our family got the opportunity to represent Hungary in Montreal as diplomats, I was in Seventh Heaven. I became a student again and I got the TESL diploma that I used after returning back to Hungary after 5 years. By that time my daughter spoke 3 languages fluently, so when I decided to immigrate to Canada I knew she wouldn’t have any language problems here. It was not easy to start a new life as a single Mom, I did many things until I established myself: I did administrative works, then I became a realtor, and at the same time I started my own home based business. I also volunteered a lot during all those years, and gradually more and more people approached me with their translation and interpretation needs, so I decided to take the ATIA exams, and now I am an Associate member of ATIA.