Morella Maestres-Villalobos

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Morella Villalobos Translation Services Inc.
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Spanish English Translator Certified
Spanish English Community Interpreter Associate
English Spanish Community Interpreter Associate
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Certified Translator ES-EN
Associate Community Interpreter ES-EN-ES

Morella has extensive international experience and a proven track record in technical translations and interpretations since 1985, and has been an ATIA-certified Spanish-English translator since 2005. • She lived and worked in Chile for 5 years translating in a freelance capacity for various international institutions and agencies (ECLAC, UNESCO, FAO UNICEF, UNEP, UNDP, IMO, OAS, OLADE, IOSCO, etc.). • She is a native Spanish speaker (Venezuelan), fully bilingual since an early age, and holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Mc Gill University and 5 years’ Master’s Level EVDS Studies at the University of Calgary. • She provides translation and interpretation services (simultaneous and consecutive) at all levels, for both the public and private sectors, (governments, industries, corporations, academic and research institutions as well as for individuals), and in the following fields: oil & gas, environment, immigration, legal, medical, agricultural and livestock, international business, corporate PR, technical, engineering, financial, economics, IT, education & aeronautics. • She is an IRB-certified (Immigration Refuge Board) interpreter and currently interprets for the IRB, IRCC and CBSA. • She taught Community Health Care interpreting at Bow Valley College from 2004-2013. She provides Certified translations for: PERSONAL: Civil Registry & Official Documents (birth, death, marriage & baptismal certificates, passports, authorization of minors’ travel, driver’s licences & abstracts etc.). Education & Work-Related Documents: (diplomas, certificates, transcripts, syllabuses, work references, C.V.’s etc.) . Legal Documents (Powers of Attorney, title deeds, divorce documents, criminal record checks, adoption papers etc.). Medical Documents (transcripts, hospital/clinic records; receipts, diagnoses etc.). CORPORATE/INDUSTRY: Legal ( Incorporation Papers, Statute, Financial Statements and Accounting Reports, PR Brochures, International Tenders, Bidding Conditions, Sales/Acquisition Contracts, intra-company memos, mission and vision statements, etc.) Technical (Seismic modelling user manuals, geology, geophysics and hydrology reports and evaluations, drilling equipment manuals, conventional and horizontal, directional drilling reports, specs manuals, ISO certification manuals, field reports, engineering drawing and plans, etc. Environment (EIAs, Field Reports and Studies, etc.). • For further information please call: (403) 919-1794 or email: