ATIA is governed by an Executive Council, which is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and includes five available voting positions: President, Treasurer, Secretary, VP Northern Alberta, and VP Southern Alberta. The executive Council is joined by Members at Large to form the ATIA Board.


The work of the Board is supported by the hired positions of Administrative Assistant/Examination Coordinator and Development Coordinator.


Executive Council

Roula Salam –

VP Northern Alberta:
Bao Yan Feng –

VP Southern Alberta:
Siyi Tonella –

Ksenia Maryniak –

Laurice Mussallam –

Past President:
Perla Ben-Zvi


Members at Large

Certified Member Representative – Regina Landeck

Certified Member Representative – Perla Ben-Zvi

Associate Member Representative – Samah Elzahaby

Certified Member Representative – Mayada Tawachi

Certified Member Representative – Olha Kosheleva

Certified Member Representative – Tina Wellman



Administration/Exam Coordinator:
Allison Downer –

Development Coordinator:
Kea Adachi-


Bursary and Community Services Committee
Siyi Tonella – Chair
Samah Elzahaby

Erhan Baykotan
Ahmad Reza Katouzian

The ATIA Grant/Bursary initiative aims to provide financial assistance to a certified member of ATIA, in the case of the grant, or to an associate or certified member, in the case of the bursary. Specific amounts for each award have not yet been decided upon, and it is hoped that we will be able to provide these awards on an ongoing, yearly basis.

Examples of uses for the grant might be to help a certified translator fund a research project or a literary translation, whereas the bursary might be used to help cover membership fees or a portion of travel expenses for either a certified or associate member to attend a conference.

Online application forms have been created for these awards, and will be posted on the  ATIA website; successful candidates will be chosen by the members of the Grant/Bursary Committee.

The Community Services Initiative aims to provide translation services from ATIA translators to community organizations at a reduced cost, with translator fees being covered by funds provided through ATIA, in accordance with the fee agreed upon by the translator before beginning the work. Specifics regarding which community organizations will receive these services and the frequency with which they will be offered are currently being determined. Certified and Associate members are invited to join


Discipline Committee

Stacey Brown – Chair
Alina Popa
Kathryn Watson

The Discipline Committee is an ad-hoc committee that convenes when a complaint concerning a breach of ATIA’s Code of Ethics is brought against an ATIA member. The members of the discipline committee investigate the complaint, collect evidence, hold a hearing if necessary, and propose an action (sanction or dismissal). Members of the DC are also involved in updating the procedures manual for discipline cases. If you are interested in upholding professional standards, this committee is the right one for you. All members of this committee must be certified.


Exam Committee
Cecilia Sessarego – Chair

Roula Salam

This Committee will work closely with ATIA’s Administrative Assistant, President, and other Board Members to assist ATIA on exam related matters. Its objectives include:

a) reviewing and improving exam marking guidelines and criteria

b) helping in exam text selection

c) providing feedback on marking and assessment of ATIA’s Associate Level Exams

d) offering peer support and collaboration to markers to assist them in giving objective feedback and fair assessment to exam candidates.

As a first step, the Committee is researching up-to-date translation assessment approaches and examination assessment strategies across provincial and North American associations, which will be used to develop a set of rubrics and guidelines for exam marking. The committee is also working on refining and facilitating text selection in order to ensure that quality texts are used in keeping with the exam text guidelines.  Certified Members are invited to join.


Indigenous Languages Initiative Committee
Roula Salam – Chair

Elaine Yoshida
Tania Therien

ATIA’s Indigenous Languages Initiative Committee is the first of its kind among the provincial associations.  We are proud to be working closely with translators, interpreters, and language experts from various indigenous communities across the province to begin developing the framework and procedures to enable translators and interpreters in indigenous languages to become members of ATIA.  

This Committee will be working closely with various indigenous language professionals in order to design, develop, and pilot the pre-entry level, Associate-level and the Certified-level assessments and exam procedures.  Members of this Committee and members of indigenous language universities and organizations will meet monthly or as predetermined to work on the development of these procedures.  Certified and Associate members are invited to join.


Professional Development Committee
Regina Landeck – Chair

Maya Tawachi
Risa Na
Claudio Bringas

The Professional Development Committee’s role is to coordinate and help develop structured, ongoing, and engaging professional development and training opportunities and events for ATIA members and translators and interpreters across the provincial associations as well as for the general public. Certified and Associate members are invited to join.

Webinars, talks, conferences, and training sessions will be organized with specific educational, informational, and skills-based goals in mind. 

The committee’s role is threefold:

a) Setting professional development goals for the course of the year

b) Reaching out to and coordinating with professional instructors, trainers, and mentors to strategically plan and schedule training sessions with these goals in mind

c) Collaborating with ATIA’s Development Coordinator and Administrative Assistant to advertise these events in ATIA’s newsletter and on our website.   


Heidi-Marie Seeholzer – Edmonton – Deceased
Juergen Jahn – Calgary