Community Services: ATIA would like to give back to the community and help those in need by providing translation and interpretation services to Alberta not-for-profit organizations that have little or no funding for these services. This allows our members to engage in this meaningful cause and educate the public about the importance of using services of ATIA members; professionals who care (Win-Win). A service request form is available online HERE for organizations to download and fill out. The requests will be managed by the Bursary and Community Services Committee, they will connect eligible ATIA members with the organizations to complete the requested services. The ATIA members will then receive honorariums in amounts approved by the ATIA Executive Council for the services rendered through this initiative. This initiative is subject to availability of funding and availability of members. ATIA members will be contacted for participation by the Bursary and Community Services Committee members. Incoming projects will be assigned according to the nature of the services requested by Alberta not-for-profit organizations, while keeping fairness and equal access to these opportunities as a priority, and will be monitored by the ATIA Executive Council to ensure transparency and accountability. If you have any questions, you can contact the Bursary and Community Services Committee at: