Community Services: ATIA would like to give back to the community.  As part of its community service initiative, and in order to involve its members in community support, which is rewarding at both personal and professional levels, at ATIA’s expense, our members will provide their translation or interpretation services to community members who do not have the financial means or support to access important language services that may be critical for them to maintain their status in Canada, find work, deal with legal issues, find housing, employment, or schooling, and other areas where a translator or interpreter is needed.  ATIA will devote a limited budget for limited times over the course of the year to cover those services.  For each interval, one not-for-profit organization will be selected, and the organization will be given the names of the members participating in the initiative.  To learn more about when those services will be provided and how you can access them as a client, please contact ATIA at: