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Ksenia Lena Maryniak (UK-EN) Legal, medical, immigration translations and sequential interpretation. Art books and historical documents, memoirs, family letters, and creative fiction and non-fiction. Cultural interpretation. I was born in Ottawa, raised in Alberta, and lived for 10 years in Ukraine (Lviv and Kyiv), where I obtained a Master’s in Cultural Studies at the National University of ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’. Previously a staff editor for the English-language Encyclopedia of Ukraine (vols. 3–5, Univ. of Toronto Press, 1993). Attested for UK-EN translations in 1993 by the Department of the Secretary of State (Federal Government of Canada). Member of ATIA since 2003, certified in 2007, member of LTAC since 2018. Various editor positions at University of Alberta since 2003, incl Cdn Institute of Ukr Studies since 2016. Awarded grants for literary translations (fiction and non-fiction) by the Peterson Literary Foundation in 2021.

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