Alice Ungarini

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Port Moody
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Colombo Translation
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Italian English Translator Certified
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Alice Ungarini is a professional translator, Certified Italian to English. After immigrating to Canada from Italy at a young age, she quickly became completely bilingual and fluent in both Italian and English, translating and interpreting for her family daily. Her passion for languages led her to obtain a BA Degree in Modern Languages with Honours (Spanish, French, Italian) from Brock University in Ontario, a Membership with ATIA and STIBC, registration with ICBC and the Court Services of BC, as well as experience in Medical, Legal, Business, Film and Technical translation fields. In the last decade she assisted corporations of all sizes, legal firms, and various translation agencies worldwide. Currently she is specializing in Medical Interpreting, through training and experience in the Healthcare sector in BC, in the hopes of becoming a Certified Medical Interpreter. She regularly aids individuals with the Certified Translation of Immigration Documents for Canadian and US Immigration Services, helping them overcome language barriers while providing affordable prices and a fast turnaround.