Help ATIA Achieve Title Protection


Dear colleagues and community,

The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (ATIA) is seeking the support of our communities, provincial representatives, stakeholders, and national and international communities in the profession to obtain title protection for translators and interpreters and eventually become the provincial regulating body in Alberta to better serve and protect our Albertan community.

Translation and interpretation standards have decreased alarmingly across Canada over the past few years, with errors and/or ethical breaches ranging from minor (see example of St. John’s AirportOct. 2022) to more serious (see Pope’svisitJul. 2022), to far more serious (see the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada’s report ofmisconductFeb. 2023). Members of parliament have raisedconcernsregarding the quality of translation in the House of Commons if non-accredited translators were to be used. Lawyers practicing immigration and refugee law have also brought theirconcernsregarding translation issues in immigration cases to the attention of ATIA and our board. These and numerous other examples have prompted ATIA to seek title protection and, eventually, regulatory status. Title protection ensures only qualified translators and interpreters are hired and prevents companies, agencies, and middlemen attempting to commoditize and usurp these professions.

Established in 1979, ATIA is the only professional association of certified translators and interpreters in the province of Alberta. ATIA certifies translators and interpreters by facilitating national examinations as a provincial member of theCanadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC). ATIA is also a member in good standing of theInternational Federation of Translators (FIT).

ATIA’s mission is to elevate the professions of translation and interpretation in the province of Alberta by applying high standards of national certification; protecting clients, professionals, and the general public through the implementation of our Code of Ethics; providing unique opportunities to members for professional development and community service; and ensuring that the language service needs of Albertans are met with the exceptional standards and unparalleled experience of our qualified language professionals.

ATIA’s membership reflects Alberta’s culturally diverse communities and supports and protects those communities by reaching out, mentoring, and certifying qualified translators and interpreters in common languages, languages of lesser diffusion, and Indigenous languages. ATIA is the only provincial association that currently has certified Indigenous translators among its members and actively seeks to support and provide a language service platform for Indigenous peoples across Alberta.

As such, we kindly request your signature as a sign of support to help ATIA achieve our goal of receiving title protection from the Government of Alberta for the titles of Certified Translator, Certified Community Interpreter, Certified Court Interpreter, and Certified Medical Interpreter.

Your vote of confidence and support will go a long way to help ATIA achieve this goal – a goal we have been pursuing for over fifteen years. Please add your signature to the ATIA declaration of support HERE.


Yours truly,

ATIA President                                                                ATIA Past President 


Tania Therien                                                                 Roula Salam

Downloadable PDF copy of the ATIA Letter of Support:

ATIA – Request for Support Letter – 2023

Downloadable PDF copy of the ATIA WHY TITLE PROTECTION FAQ document: