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My name is Alejandra Diaz. I am an Art Historian and a Ceramic Artist, currently studying to become an Interior Designer. I have lived in Canada for 21 years and just became an En-Sp Associate with ATIA. I am working towards being a Sp-En associate this year. I would like to eventually become a Fr-Sp-Fr associate as well, since I studied at a boarding school in France when I was 15, then obtained my “Certificat de Langue Française” and “Diplôme de Langue Française” at the “Alliance Française”. After this, I got a three-year “Diplôme de Traduction” attained through the IFAL (“Institut Français d’Amérique Latine”).
In my childhood, I attended the “Colegio Olinca”, a Sp-En bilingual school, and took evening classes at The Anglo, where I obtained my English Proficiency Diploma of Cambridge University.
My first job experience as a translator was En-Sp-En at IBM. From there, it has been both En-Sp-En and Fr-Sp-Fr at “Revista Cultural Etcétera”, Yves Rocher, where I was Commercial Director Assistant, and Cartier, where I was the Marketing Director Assistant for all of North, Central and South America.
I am looking forward to working as a free-lance translator for you!

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