Janet Qinghua Zhu

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ProWin Translation & Interpretation Services
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English Chinese Translator Certified
Chinese English Translator Associate
Chinese English Court Interpreter Associate
English Chinese Court Interpreter Associate
Chinese English Community Interpreter Associate
English Chinese Community Interpreter Associate
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Since 1994.
Certified Translator EN-ZH
Associate Translator ZH – EN
Associate Court Interpreter ZH-EN-ZH
Associate Community Interpreter ZH-EN-ZH

Translating and editing a variety of written materials in virtually all fields, including but not limited to legal, oil & gas, life science, medical, financial, agricultural, IT, electrical, electronic, mechanical and general technical fields as well as promotion materials. Clients include City of Edmonton, Government of Alberta, large oil and gas companies such as Enbridge, Petrochina and Sinopec, large IT companies such as Huawei and ZTE.

Providing interpretation services to clients in various fields. Clients include the Court of Queen’s Bench, Provincial Court, law firms, Government of Alberta, City of Edmonton, Enbridge, NAIT, the Co-operators Insurance Company, WCB, etc.

Localizing software, websites, product documents and other technical documents.