Michael Grabczan-Grabowski

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Spanish English Translator Certified
Accepts Freelance Work?

Hi, my name is Michael! I am a Certified Translator registered with the ATIA, and I translate documents from Spanish into English.

If you need a certified translation of your document, you’ve found the right person. Some examples of documents that I translate are listed below:

Birth certificate
Death certificate
Marriage certificate
Divorce certificate
Diploma/degree certificate
Official transcripts
Police clearance certificate
Driver’s license
ID card

I can also translate any other documents that require certification for your specific needs.

Certified translations are accepted by all Government of Canada departments like Passport Canada, IRCC, registries, IQAS, and other academic institutions.

In most cases, I can translate a short (single-page) document within a business day. However, longer documents may require more time, so please feel free to contact me at mchlgrabowski@gmail.com or 587-966-6453 to confirm my availability.

To get a quote, please send me your document(s) via email, and I’ll get back to you within a few minutes.

It is unnecessary to provide me with the original physical document (as it may get lost in the mail). A clear photo or scan of the original document is all that is needed. Government agencies will almost always accept a translation made from a scanned document. An official will compare the scanned/photocopied document with the original to confirm that they both match.

A certified translation will consist of:
1. A translator certification page (with my sworn statement)
2. The translation
3. A printed copy of the original translated document

The certification page and translation will be stamped and signed by me.

Once a certified translation is complete, I can either mail it to you via Canada Post or courier at an additional charge, or you can collect it from me from my home. (I’m in the Inglewood area of Calgary.)

I look forward to hearing from you!