Kawal Kahlon

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Hindi English Translator Certified
English Hindi Translator Certified
Punjabi English Translator Certified
English Punjabi Translator Certified
Punjabi English Court Interpreter Certified
Punjabi English Community Interpreter Certified
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I have over 30 years of experience in Translation & Interpretation. I became the first Certified Court & Community Interpreter in Canada from English into Punjabi & vice-versa. I am an Accredited Hindi & Punjabi Court Interpreter in Ontario & am a Certified Court Interpreter in B.C. I have transcribed & translated several audios & videos for high profile trial. My translation experience is extensive in all fields. I was a Bilingual Instructor, Court Interpreting Program at Vancouver Community College, Vancouver, B.C. and I trained online for B.C. Open Learning University. I trained Community Interpreters for non-profit organizations. Currently, I am an Online Instructor with Interpreter’s Lab, B.C. and Feature Languages, U.S.A.
I am constantly working on raising profile of the profession and creating awareness about quality & standards. I am currently a Director, Medical Interpreters with Association of Translators & Interpreters of Ontario, previously I was a Director, Community Interpreters as well. I am an Ex-President of The Society of Translators & Interpreters of British Columbia. I am very pleased to move to Regina to stay close to my daughter & grandson, I look forward to traveling to Alberta to network with my colleagues and contribute to the ATIA.