As you know, in order to become certified as a translator or interpreter, you need to complete the certification process. This begins with becoming an Associate Member, then accumulating the prerequisite experience to qualify for certification. Associate Members must submit the hour sheet for interpreters or word count sheet for translators. This is done through the spreadsheets provided upon becoming an Associate Member. Once these requirements are met, there are two options for certification:

Portfolio Review or “On Dossier”

The ATIA Administrative Assistant will send you the requirements upon request. The e-mail address is


All certification exams are administered by CTTIC and are held online in a secure, proctored environment. Both translators and interpreters are matched one-on-one with a proctor. You will need to be familiar with the current version of Zoom and have an updated version of Google Chrome on your computer. You will also need a functioning webcam and microphone, and you will need to share your screen with your proctor. Your proctor will see you, but you will not see your proctor. You will be assigned a candidate number. Your proctor will not know your name, and you will not know your proctor’s name. Proctors are not exam markers. They have no interest in how you do in the exam. Their task is to ensure the security of the examination process.

The written exam text (for translators and interpreters) will be presented in a Google Doc, where you will see the source text on the left side. You will enter your translation in the column on the right. You are not allowed to access any online resources but may use paper-based dictionaries and grammar references for the written exams. Interpreters will also complete several interpreting assignments online. Everything will be recorded.

Your proctor will do a sweep of your environment with you. Make sure your immediate surroundings are cleared of clutter, notes, books, etc. No phones are allowed nearby. Arrange for a quiet room to do the exam. Nobody may enter while you write your exam, and you may not leave the room, except for a short bathroom break, as permitted by your proctor.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment (including microphone, headset, webcam) works properly. Your proctor is not a computer technician and will not be able to help you. If technical difficulties interfere with the exam, your proctor has the right to discontinue the exam without refund if the issues stem from your negligence or failure to meet the requirements.

CTTIC is planning to offer exams as follows throughout the year:

  • Written translation exams: even-numbered months
  • Written and oral interpreting exams: odd-numbered months

This may change depending on demand. The ATIA Exam Coordinator ( will advise you of available dates.

Please note:

  • While online certification exams are offered more frequently during the year, each candidate can sit for the exam only once per year per language combination/direction. Due to the exceedingly high number of candidates across the country who register to write the certification exam, CTTIC cannot allow the same candidate to write the exam twice per year for the same language combination and direction. This ensures that all candidates are guaranteed a place. However, this system offers more flexibility to candidates when it comes to scheduling their exam.
  • CTTIC will be offering practice exams online to allow candidates to familiarize themselves with the proctored environment. These practice exams will also be marked, and feedback will be given. Those practice exams are subject to fees.
  • The online process is available across Canada, and other associations also have candidates. There is a limited number of proctors available. If you wish to sit for the certification exam this year, please inform the ATIA Exam Coordinator as soon as possible. You may need to wait until a spot opens up.
  • Once you register for the certification exam, you will receive instructions on the process and the required apps. Please read the instructions carefully and follow every step. Be prepared ahead of time to avoid wasting valuable exam-writing time.

This is meant to give you a broad idea of the certification exam process. Please wait with questions until you have registered, received, and reviewed the exam instructions. These instructions are self-explanatory and will walk you through the process. Good luck with your exam!