Certified ATIA members have the opportunity to order an official stamp indicating their certified membership with ATIA.

Many certified translators get asked to provide certified translations for official purposes. In general, clients want to see a stamp or seal on the documents to make things official. The ATIA seal includes the ATIA logo and identifies the translator as a member of a professional translators and interpreters association that binds its members to a Code of Ethics. This gives our clients reassurance and peace of mind. In addition, using the ATIA stamp will also raise public awareness of our profession and the association, it shows that you are connected to a professional association.
The stamp includes your name, the fact that you are a certified translator and a member of ATIA as well as an expiry date. It does not include your language combination. This is because some of our members are certified in a number of language combinations and would therefore need multiple stamps. The use of the stamp is governed by the contract you enter into with ATIA, which stipulates that you must only use the stamp for translations in the language combination(s) in which you are certified.
Associations have had experiences with issuing stamps that has shown that some measure of accountability needs to be built into the process of issuing stamps. Although ATIA does not guarantee the quality of your work, it has granted you the status of certified translator and therefore has an interest in your work and professional behavior. As a certified translator, you represent the association and ATIA must ensure that the seals are used only within the parameters of the individual user’s certification and the requirements under the Code of Ethics.
There are multiple reasons why stamps come with expiry – most of which are tied to the fact that certified members of ATIA have several tasks to fulfill in order to remain certified, including remaining as a member of the association, fulfilling their duties, paying membership dues and so forth. In order to prevent a de-certified person from continuing to use the stamp, there needs to be a built-in mechanism rendering the stamp invalid after a period of time. This is best achieved by setting an expiry date. If you would like to renew your stamp, you may return it for refurbishing or for a new seal, depending on the options available at the time. You will only be charged for the refurbishing/replacement of the seal plus the cost of shipping and a small administrative fee which can be understood as a regular business cost.
It is not a requirement but it is highly recommended that members obtain Errors and Omissions Insurance.
If you wish to order a stamp, please read the stamp contract and fill out the form below. (Form will only be visible to certified members)

Please allow four weeks for delivery.

Stamp format

(ATIA LOGO) Your Name


Member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta

ATIA member # 000/0000

Issued by ATIA and valid until December 31, 2023

To apply for a stamp, you must be a certified member of ATIA.  Please download and sign the contract, then be sure to upload all necessary documentation  below. Once you have pressed “update,” you will be taken to the payment page to complete the transactions for the security bond and purchasing the stamp. Please have your payment information ready.

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