PD Points: Entry/Record/Information

The ATIA Professional Development Policy was developed to support effective and relevant programs for continuing professional development among members within our organization. Mandatory on-going professional development ensures that ATIA members, both Associate and Certified, stay current, update or upgrade their professional competencies, and develop a habit of continuous learning throughout their careers.

This PD Policy is one of the mechanisms implemented by the ATIA to elevate the professions of translation and interpretation in Alberta and ensuring that members of the ATIA are consistently delivering excellence in translation and interpretation services. Although not the main goal, an expected indirect outcome of this policy is to enhance the image of our profession with users of language services and the general public.

Each member will be responsible for filling out their Professional Development record. Members will have to earn 10 points every two years. Points over this minimum may be carried over into the next period, if necessary.

Members will be required to record Professional Development in two or more categories per year, unless otherwise specified. (For example, in the case of writing a book, all points are obtained through a single category.)

Please note that the current 2-year cycle began January 1, 2024 and will end on December 31, 2025.  Members who join the organization in the second calendar year of this cycle are expected to obtain half the number of Professional Development points required with the same deadline of December 31, 2025.


To log your Professional Development points, please fill out the form below. Total points or points per entry are noted in each category. Be sure to check all that apply, then total your points in the box provided and include details in the text box below. Include dates in parentheses where possible. (Example: ATIA Code of Ethics webinar (18/01/22))

If you participated in a Professional Development activity that is not listed below, please contact development@atia.ab.ca to check if it qualifies for points.

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