Community Interpreter

A Community Interpreter is a professional responsible for enabling both a professional and a client with very different backgrounds and perceptions, and an unequal relationship of power and knowledge, to communicate to their mutual satisfaction. 

Community interpreters are able to perform consecutive interpreting, take notes, be aware of community structure, and are sensitive to cultural differences. These professionals may work independently, with the police forces, within educational systems, with government agencies, or for private clients.

Associate Membership

The requirements for admission as an Associate Community Interpreter of ATIA are:

Requirement 1 – Pass the Code of Ethics Examination

Minimum passing grade is 70%. Results are valid for one year.

Requirement 2 – Submit an Application for Review

1. Have passed the Code of Ethics Examination within the past twelve months.

2. Meet the hour requirements under one of the following options:


Supporting document

Required hours

1. University Degree in Interpreting

University Degree (in English or translated by a certified translator)


2. Immigration Refugee Board Exam (IRB)

IRB letter


3. Calgary Immigrant Women Association’s Interpretation and Translation Program (CIWA)

Certificate of completion, CILISAT certificate and CISOC certificate


4. Calgary Board of Education’s (CBE) CILISAT (Cultural Interpretation Services for our Communities) Exam + CBE training course

CBE certificate and proof of passing CBE’s training course


5. Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities (CISOC) course

CISOC Certificate


6. MSIC Interpreter Accreditation Program

MSCI Training Completion Certificate and CILISAT or ILSAT Certificate


9. No credentials



3. Complete and submit this hour-log form to Interpreters Admission Hour Log F16

4. Complete and submit this form to Community Interpreters Admission Application Form S18

5. Contact to make arrangements to pay the Application Review fee ($155).

Candidates will be offered Associate Community Interpreter membership in ATIA once they meet the admission requirements. Annual membership dues for Associate Members are $160.

Certification (Certified Membership)

ATIA is currently not accepting On Dossier applications for interpreters to become certified. 

Certification Examination


  • Be an Associate Community Interpreter of ATIA in good standing
  • Prove 300 to 500 hours of interpreting in any setting
  • Submit letters of good character issued by former or current employers
  • Complete the certification form
  • Sign ATIA’s Code of Ethics Agreement
  • Pay the portfolio certification assessment fee 
Annual membership dues for Certified Members are $240.

Exam Preparation

Upcoming Information Sessions: