Certification Examinations are held throughout the year (contact admin@atia.ab.ca) to find out more. CTTIC examinations will be held online.

Anyone wishing to write the Certification Examination must:

  • be a member in good standing with ATIA (paid their dues for the current year and has no pending disciplinary matters before ATIA)
  • have selected the “Accept Terms” on their website profile
  • pass the certification examination within 6 years of admission as Associate Member in any specific language combination. If you became an Associate member in 2017 (5 years ago) you will need to pass this examination or retake the Associate-level exam.

Cancellation Policy:  If a candidate chooses not to write the Certification Examination, a formal letter must be sent to the Examination Coordinator by TBD. Only then will a refund (75% of the exam fee) be issued. 75% of the exam fee will be refunded for cancellation or non-attendance due to medical reasons (illness, injury or death affecting the candidate or next of kin). Candidates who miss the examination for medical reasons must present a doctor’s note to the Examination Coordinator within 48 hours of the examination. There is no refund for any other reason.

Next Certification Exam Dates:

Exam Language Date Time Registration Deadline
Translation Exam Online EN -> OL October 19, 2022 9 AM PST September 14, 2022
Translation Exam Online OL -> EN Otober 22, 2022 9 AM PST September 14, 2022
Interpreter Exam Online Any Contact Admin: admin@atia.ab.ca