Feb 13, 2019 7:00 pm


Public $40.00

Members $30.00

Webinar 01-S19: Building Blocks: A Review of Parts of Speech and Sentence Structure

The first webinar of a three-part series that will help you refine your understanding of the rules and conventions that govern English grammar and punctuation. You’ll leave the webinar with new skills and resources to help you write clearly and correctly.

  1. Participants will be asked to complete a quick questionnaire before the seminar and also do a bit of reading and an exercise. The questionnaire and pre-webinar reading will be sent to you by e-mail one week before the webinar.
  2. There will be approximately 60 to 75 minutes of presentation in the webinar.
  3. Specific issues will be addressed in response to the questionnaires, reviewing the homework assignment, taking Q&A, and sharing some resources.
  4. In the Q&A section of each seminar, we will take a few minutes at the end to look at and discuss a some mock exam questions.

These webinars will help you prepare for the English Proficiency for Translators Examination.

Instructor: Margaret Chandler