II Session Webinar – Session II: Positive Conflict – Managing Dispute After Service is Provided

November 6, 2021 10:00 am - 11:00 am Online

II Session Webinar – Session II: Positive Conflict – Managing Dispute After Service is Provided

Presented by

Becky Taylor

Becky Taylor has been dedicated to her career as a Registered Veterinary Technologist for over 25years. In that time, she has worked in mixed animal practice, in education, and in corporate veterinary medicine.  She has participated in hundreds of CE opportunities, sat on many national and provincial boards and considers herself a lifelong learner. A pinnacle of this learning was in 2016, when Becky completed a Master of Arts in Professional Communication through Royal Roads University. Becky currently has 3 professional roles. Her full-time gig is the Co-Founder of BS Communication Strategies, where she provides communication coaching to individuals, companies and teams in a practical, skills- based way. She is a tiny co-founder in the teletriage company, AnimalHealth Link has recently partnered with a friend to create another cool side biz, The Horsewoman’s Club.  These endeavors fuel her communication nerdiness and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Becky shares her life with husband, Colin, and their 2 children, Nick and Maddy as well as many fur friends. Her passion outside of family and work is her horses and she can be found spending lots of her free time developing her skills in horsemanship as well as being with her herd of 4!

Session 2: Positive Conflict – Managing Dispute After Service is Provided. 
1. Have a summary of 3-6 key points you remember from the first session. Also prepare 1 good question you have as a result of the learning in the first session.
2. Find an article about conflict (can be team conflict, interpersonal conflict, customer conflict), be prepared to share who/where the article is from and 1-2 key points from it as well as a good question reading the article brought up for you.
3. Use case based scenarios to review how to use dialogue skills when managing a dispute over services you have provided.
4. Build goals on how to practice & grow skills. 
Cost:  $40   Register and pay above.  Zoom Invites will be emailed to registrants two days before event.