Fall Associate Level Prerequisite Exams – Registration Information

November 12, 2022 9:15 am - 1:00 am Mettl Online Platform

All candidates MUST attend the online “Information Session“, October 29, 2022 to be registered and eligible to write the prerequisite exams. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED…

ONLY candidates who attend the information session will receive the information package which contains registration and payment instructions for the prerequisite exams.
Here are the details and the fee guide for the prerequisite exams to be held online November 12, 2022:
    • Code of Ethics Exam (Translators/Interpreters ($45)
      • Case Study and multiple choice questions. Test time:  60 minutes
    • English Proficiency Exam for Translators ($45)
      • Candidates writing into English must pass an Editing test; candidates writing from English must pass a Reading-comprehension test (so you can only register for one language combination at a time).  Editing test time:  90 minutes – Reading-comprehension test time:  60 minutes
    • Reading Comprehension for Interpreters Exam ($45)
      • Tests the candidates reading-comprehension in English.  Multiple choice questions related to short reading selections.  Test time:  90 minutes

You will be able to choose one exam or the other, OR if completing both the Code of Ethics and the English Proficiency for Translators OR the Code of Ethics and the Reading Comprehension for Interpreters, then you choose the combined registration option and your total will be $90. If taking just one exam this session then your total will be $45.

Prerequisite Exam Fee Guide Fees
If only taking Code of Ethics $45
If only taking English Proficiency for Translators $45
If taking both Code of Ethics + English Proficiency – Translators $90
If taking both Code of Ethics + Reading Comprehension – Interpreters $90
If only taking Reading Comprehension for Interpreters $45

The package you receive after attending the information session will assist you to determine which exams are for you!