Reminder: Upcoming Examination Information!


Certification Examination - May 12, 2018

Information and the link to register can be found on ATIA's website in the Member's section ( Please ensure that you have met the requirements and completed your excel spreadsheet before submitting payment for the examination.

Cost: $245

Registration Deadline: January 31, 2018

The Certification Examination is administered as per CTTIC's instructions.

Anyone wishing to write this examination must be a member in good standing with ATIA (paid their dues for the current year and has no pending disciplinary matters before ATIA), and selected the “Accept Terms” on their website profile. Associate Members must pass the certification exam within 6 years of admission as Associate Member in any specific language combination. If you became an Associate member in 2013 (5 years ago) you will need to pass this exam or retake the next Associate-level exam.

Associate-level examinations

As member of ATIA you are welcome to register for the upcoming Associate-level translation examinations. The link to register for the English Proficiency examinations is no longer on the website, but if you would like to register please let me know.

Here are various scenarios:

  • If you are a member as 
    • a translator for XX-EN and you would like to add EN-XX, 
    • a translator for EN-XX and you would like to add XX-EN, 
    • an Interpreter (court, medical, or community) and you would like to add translator to your designation,
  • please register to write the next English Proficiency examination (member deadline: February 26) by contacting Examination date: Saturday, March 10, 2018 Cost: $30.
  • If you are a member as
    • a translator for EN-XX and you would like to add English into another language
    • a translator for XX-EN and you would like to add another language into English
  • please wait and register for the next Associate-level Translation examination. The registration for this will be on ATIA's website ( by March 19. The examination will be held on April 14.