Sarah Mei Xiang

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Successfully completed English Education Program from Sichuan Normal University with a BA degree and CET 4, CET 6 & TEM 8 certificates, I started teaching English at a national key middle school in China. I was the winner of the 1st prize of “the Fifth National Teaching Competition of Young English Teachers” in China. I firmly believe my passion takes me where I truly belong. I used to score highest in Chinese to English translation tests among peer cohorts in the university. During the years in China, I translated 2 publications into English. I also think a translator is a good writer in the first place. My 5 academic publications, circulating national wide, proved my capabilities. My rich working experience in the fields of education, tourism, medicine, and government enables me to drastically expand my translation vision & scopes, certificates, program outlines, tourism resources, medical records, formal government letters, just name a few. Having been in Canada for 7 years with a Canadian Licensed Practical Nurse diploma, my cross-cultural background guarantees faithful and culturally appropriate translation that you can count on. Feel free to contact me at for a free quote now. Your next successful project is in good hands.