Work translated by ATIA member, Catherine Dussault, has been published

ATIA member Catherine Dussault, C. Tr., has translated a book from English into French that has been published.

Vers la lumière,  par E.C. Bell
Translator Catherine Dussault
Published by Tyche Books

“In Seeing the Light, E. C. Bell conjures up a beguiling new character in the form of Marie Jenner – a working stiff with a gift for seeing stiffs. Her job hunt leads her to a building teetering between historic designation and demolition, and a ghost who is teetering between worlds.
Marie Jenner, with all her strange gifts and loveable foibles, will win you over immediately and leave you hoping for more. Seeing the Light is a terrific read, and its wholly believable speculative filter on everyday Edmonton is a treat.”

ISBN-13: 978-1928025412