Workshop Summary: “But it Still Reads Like a Translation!”

ATIA offered a workshop on translation (the first of its kind) in Edmonton on Saturday May 24, 2014.  The workshop, entitled: “But it Still Reads Like a Translation!” A Two-Part Interactive Workshop on Improving and Enhancing Language, Style, and Cultural References in Translation, dealt with a variety of linguistic concerns translators often have, ranging from mechanics, word choice, foreign language “interference” to style, translation of cultural references and dialects.  The instructor, ATIA Associate Translator and Council Member Roula Salam, used a variety of materials and approaches in order to reinforce language and translation rules using a hands-on technique.  The workshop dealt with common and not so common translation mistakes and integrated numerous exercises consisting of worksheets and lively discussions.  The workshop was a success, and participants requested that ATIA offer more events of a similar nature in the future.